Kate Weiser Opens Up Second Shop in NorthPark


It’s always a proud moment when one of your children starts to really come into their own. Through the years, Kate Weiser Chocolate has been a source of pride, earning international acclaim for chocolatier Kate Weiser’s incredible creations. Well, now she’s opening her second location to keep the chocolate bonbons flowing.

The new NorthPark Center shop sits in front of the Neiman Marcus entrance and offers a quick stop for ordering Weiser’s artistic and delicious boxes of chocolates, all in a space that measures a mere 200 square feet.

To us, this new location serves as validation that what we’re doing in Trinity Groves is working! Since the beginning, we’ve been dedicated to taking in driven, innovative people with great ideas and strong visions and giving them the tools, space and opportunity to grow.

In a just and tasty world, there would be Chino Chinatowns, LUCKs, Sushi Bayashis and every other one of our incubators spread across North Texas and beyond. Because at Trinity Groves, we’re committed to growing the ideas we believe in, and we believe in what’s happening here.

So when Kate Weiser’s plan for chocolate-covered world domination is complete in a few years, we’ll be the proud parents pulling pictures up on our phone showing off her initial batches of chocolate pumpkins, ice cream sandwiches and, of course, gorgeous bonbons.

They just grow up so fast…