Explore The Network Bar, Trinity Groves’ newest concept for entrepreneurs

The Network Bar

Before Stuart Fitts and Phil Romano brought Dallas the restaurant incubator Trinity Groves, and before Phil himself had established edible empires from Fuddruckers and Macaroni Grill to Eatzi’s and Nick & Sam’s, he owned a Palm Beach bar with a padlock on the door. You couldn’t get in unless Phil himself passed you a key, and so The Key Hole became a kind of speakeasy that attracted a veritable “who’s who” of local talent. Now Romano and Fitts are outfitting that old-school, members-only experience with the latest in technology.

This fall, we welcome the newest innovative concept to make Trinity Groves its home: The Network Bar. Seasoned professionals and up-and-comers alike can relax and talk about the next big thing around the fireplace, get down to the details in one of the bar’s four meeting rooms, or otherwise expand their community. And we do mean expand. This 7,000-square-foot establishment is a destination where the traditional meets the progressive, and the high-tech gets a personal touch.

While what members find upon entering The Network Bar is certainly impressive — the wood floors and craft cocktails and art collection and acoustics — it’s who you’ll encounter here that really matters. The social experience at The Network Bar is as much about mentorship as it is mingling. Romano, Fitts and their team have worked hard to make sure that members at any stage of their career, and from a widest possible array of industries, feel like The Network Bar has something to offer. Think entrepreneurs and educators shooting pool together. Or consider that the under-thirty set can take advantage of a special membership rate, and that over-seventy VIPs can join for free.

What are the other benefits of membership? Staying hungry is a good strategy for those with high career aspirations, but The Network Bar also wants to feed your brain with programs, lectures and fireside chats. Nor have its owners forgotten about the other kind of brain food. They’ve built a unique menu that includes many treats too ingenious (and tasty) to ignore.

Also notable is just how accessible The Network Bar’s exclusivity is. All members are vetted, but all it takes to unlock the door is a mobile app. In fact, The Network Bar App doesn’t just get you (and up to three guests) inside. It’s also designed to enhance your return on relationships with member profiles, check-ins, a network feed, messaging, and room reservation functionality. It’s also equipped with a simple notification system so members can flag inappropriate behavior, should it occur.

Following its Grand Opening, The Network Bar will be open from 11 a.m. until late — 10 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday; midnight Friday and Saturday; 9 p.m. Sunday — 6 days a week. (The Network Bar will be closed every Monday for private events.) So there’s time to steal away and craft an email, check in with a new contact or get caught up in a conversation until your curiosity is exhausted. And you don’t even have to remember a secret knock.