What you need to know about our upcoming private event buyouts


We’re excited to announce that for two nights in October, we’re hosting our first-ever all-Trinity Groves private events! On October 6 and October 18, every incubator in Trinity Groves is closed to the public so that nearly 2,000 people can enjoy private parties taking over our entire block. These have been major works in progress, requiring coordination among all our restaurants and shops, but, luckily, our incubators love a challenge!

First, on October 6, we’ve teamed up with AlliedPRA, a destination management company, to host an Indiana-based organization and we can’t wait to show 1,800 Hoosiers everything Trinity Groves has to offer. From 6 to 9PM, our incubators will have their doors open, offering mingle-friendly versions of their best-sellers and fan favorites so the guests attending the party are free to walk the grounds. It’s the first time we’ve turned all of Trinity Groves into a private party.

Then, on October 18, we’re going to do it all again with another private group!

So what does this mean for you?

Because these private events are taking over all of Trinity Groves, we won’t be able to accommodate the public during this time. You’ll still be able to enjoy our incubators during lunch hours, but at 2:30PM, they’ll all be closing to get things set up for the evening.

The good new is, this means you can now rent all of Trinity Groves for your own private event! It’s the perfect place for corporate event planners looking for something a little off the beaten path from hotels or convention spaces, as our restaurants represent so many points along the culinary spectrum.

If an all-incubator buyout sounds like something your company or organization would enjoy, please contact Lisa Moore at lmoore@trinitygroves.com to make your next event unforgettable!