How to celebrate Valentine’s Day at Trinity Groves

TG Blog 2.1Togetherness: It’s what Valentine’s Day is all about, right? And while lighting, music and sumptuous food can create a special atmosphere, what makes a dinner date truly romantic? A lot of it depends on the couple and how they most like to spend their time.

At Trinity Groves, our chefs and servers pride themselves on offering a diverse range of dining experiences sure to appeal to anyone looking for a night out with their special someone. It’s really all a matter of what appeals to you and your sweetheart.

For the Opposites Who Attract

Some partners are just like peas in a pod. In other couplings, however, the mix is a little more volatile: sweet and sour, spicy and fruity. But, like oil and vinegar, these relative opposites want to be agitated. Without it, life just lacks savor. If that fiery description fits your relationship, you might want to check out the fusion of Chinese and Latino cuisine on display at Chino Chinatown. (Though far be it from us to deny you the pleasure of hashing out which one of you is the avocado in this metaphor and which one the char siu.)

For the Traveling Companions

Besides cohabitation, the first big trip you take together can be the toughest test for any relationship. But some couples love nothing more than sharing the adventure of the new and unexpected. If a romantic vacation isn’t in the cards for you this Valentine’s Day, consider Trinity Groves the next best option. For an evening, you can travel to Barcelona, aka Casa Rubia, and discuss your next trip abroad over tapas. Or you can make a quick trek to Morocco, courtesy of Souk, and marvel at the hearty (and delicious) ingenuity of the tagine.

For the Urban Sophisticates

For some, dinner isn’t dinner unless you’re dressed for the occasion. And a night out isn’t a night out unless it’s a night on the town. For this, you can dine against the backdrop of downtown Dallas’ glittering skyline at Saint Rocco’s rooftop patio. Or, if your definition of fancy is a bit more Texified, make a reservation at The Hall, a traditional steakhouse with a unique local style.

For the Food Nerds

You and your partner do the grocery shopping together. You enjoy cooking in each other’s company. And nothing gets you more “in the mood” than a great meal prepared with love and artistry. Sound familiar? Then Beto & Son is the Valentine’s Day destination for you. Nowhere else in Dallas will you find traditional Mexican (not Tex-Mex) dishes served up with this much flair — and care. But if your diet isn’t accommodating of barbacoa and carnitas, there’s always V-Eats. Gastro science meets comfort food favorites in Chef Troy Gardner’s vegan kitchen.

For the Sweethearts

If you and your partner proudly ga-ga over each other and aren’t afraid of a little PDA, then you probably have no problem splitting desserts either. The always popular Donut & Beer Pairing Flight at LUCK gets a Valentine’s makeover.

Get your indulgence on at Kate Weiser Chocolate. Weiser’s passion for confectionary is second to none, and her hand-painted, edible designs will captivate and delight you. You can also head over to Cake Bar, grab two forks and dig into a generous slice of Wedding Cake (not that we’re pressuring you or anything, but y’all are just too cute!).

Make the most of your Valentine’s Day this year by showing a little love to Trinity Groves and rest assured that we’ll return the affection.