The Top Ways to Start Your Meal at Trinity Groves

People often joke that they could make an entire meal out of appetizers, but in the case of these Trinity Groves starters, they wouldn’t be joking. That’s because these appetite-teasing morsels are more than able to stand on their own when it comes to flavor, presentation and sheer crave-ability. Here are four appetizers worth ruining your dinner for.

Takoyaki at Sushi Bayashi
These are basically octopus fritters, aka another serving of fried heaven. Dotted with tonkatsu sauce and other zingy toppings, the croquettes provide a delightful “base” before the lighter rounds of sushi and sashimi. They also make an excellent late-night snack all on their own.

Takoyaki from Sushi Bayashi

Three Cheese Spinach & Artichoke Dip at The Hall
Spinach and artichoke dip is by its very nature delicious, but add sour cream, bacon and pico de gallo and you’ve got an appetizer destined for legend status. A mound of white corn chips forms the vessel for scooping up this cheesy goodness, which has been known to quell hunger pains while picking out that all-important entree.

Burrata at Saint Rocco’s
A truly great Italian restaurant knows to not rest solely on its pasta when it comes to dazzling diners. At Saint Rocco’s, thinly sliced meats, spongy mozzarella and chewy flatbread — all drizzled with balsamic vinegar — give diners their first taste of what’s the come. Prosciutto and capicola share a platter with tomato and the aforementioned cheese, with herbed flatbread standing by.

Chicken Tinga Wontons at Chino Chinatown
Chinese and Latin cuisine combine to produce these crowd-pleasers, which have the consistency of a traditional Asian starter but are filled with chipotle chicken and topped with guacamole and Oaxaca cheese. Citrusy yuzu brings it all together.