Trinity Groves answers your letters to Santa


Don’t be fooled by his kindly old toymaker image — Santa Claus knows how to enjoy the finer things in life. How else to explain his ample proportions, his ruddy glow, his ready laugh and his incredible spryness despite his advanced age?

He’s a grownup, and he appreciates the difference between naughty and nice when it comes to the gifts we’d give ourselves if only we could. Even if you ask for something practical (aka, the “sock and underwear gambit”), he knows what you’re really hankering for.

Want proof? Consider these requests, taken from actual letters received by the North Pole and forwarded to Trinity Groves with Santa’s personal appeal for further assistance.

“I’d like to get away, to visit far-off lands, but travel is just so… inconvenient. How about a teleporter in my stocking this year?”

Santa won’t share the secret of how he visits all those houses in a single night with anyone, even trusted associates such as ourselves. So it seems unlikely that this would-be jet-setter will get his wish. If you’re feeling like you’re in the same boat (pun intended), consider the next best option. A Trinity Groves gift card is more than a gift card. It’s a passport to authentic dining experiences from all over the world. Let yourself be transported to Morocco with a rich, spicy tagine at Souk. Get acquainted with the less bustling side of Tokyo life by sampling the sashimi and ramen dishes at Sushi Bayashi. Or take a trip across the border to Mexicali, where Cantonese and Mexican cuisines combine in unique fare you’ll find only at Chino Chinatown. Gift cards are available in any amount and are honored at all Trinity Groves eateries.

20151219_214255“I love beer, but I hate having my place cluttered with empties. Santa, is there any way you could make it so I can enjoy a cold one without having to make a trip to the recycle bin after every bottle?”

That would be called a growler. And Trinity Groves’ LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen), which carries more than 35 craft beers all brewed here in DFW, can hook you up with a 32- or 64-ounce jug (that’s 2 or 4 pints if you’re measuring by the glass). LUCK’s growlers are made of durable brown glass to ensure your beer retains its “fresh from the keg” flavor for as long as possible. Refilling your growler is as easy as making a return trip to LUCK and letting whatever new IPA — or stout, or sour, or saison — they have on tap strike your fancy. Bonus: Many of these beers are actually bottled by the brewers themselves, and a growler is the only way to take them “to go.”

“Dear Santa: please make the world a more beautiful place.”

Well, first, there’s that whole “eye of the beholder” issue. Not even Santa can get past that. However, Dallas has always been home to a thriving and innovative visual arts community. Some of the city’s hottest emerging artists have forged a relationship with curator and gallery owner Erin Cluley, who served as director of exhibits at the Dallas Contemporary for more than five years. The work Cluley makes available to the public via her space at Trinity Groves explores multiple media, from the more traditional (sculpture, photography) to the more experimental (installations and performance). On exhibit through December 17 are the brilliantly colored canvases by Dallasite Zeke Williams. These large paintings would enliven any work or living space. To see the full range of fine art currently for sale, visit the Erin Cluley Gallery on Artsy.


“I hate winter. I mean, I really hate it. Cold gray skies, short days, the whole business. My wish is that you arrange for it to be spring or summer year-round.”

Santa only sends us the hardest wishes to grant. But this one isn’t as tricky as it might seem, for nothing makes the week feel more full of promise than the sunny conviviality of Sunday brunch. And Sunday brunch is served year-round at Trinity Grove’s Resto Gastro Bistro. With plenty of outdoor and indoor seating, mimosas and Chef DJ Quintanilla’s emphasis on using the freshest ingredients in his rib-sticking recipes, brunch at Resto is equal parts comfort and adventure. Take a virtual tour of the restaurant, get familiar with the menu and start thinking about reservations (via OpenTable) well in advance.

Of course, in your household, the only Santa Claus around may be you. (The man is busy, after all.) If you’ve been assigned a wish list or you’re looking to make your gift especially thoughtful, the shops and restaurants at Trinity Groves can help. Four Corners Brewing has a great selection of t-shirts, caps and posters (you just have to love their labeling’s lotería-inspired design) for the craft beer aficionado in your life. If you need to satisfy a sweet tooth, look to Kate Weiser’s hand-painted chocolate truffles, as stunning as they are delicious, and the from-scratch creations of Southern baking whiz Tracy German’s Cake Bar. The design experts at Workroom and Gallery 422 can help you pinpoint the perfect houseware, knick-knack or conversation piece for that friend with the funky taste. Finally, be sure to check out the Trinity Groves events calendar to see which holiday activities and experiences can help you make a wish come true this year.