Art at Trinity Groves

ArtPark Trinity Groves is a stylish, modern new beer garden with a twist. In addition to great food and drink, ArtPark is a tribute to local and national artists. Everything at ArtPark benefits local artists, visitors, and longtime Dallas Residents. Visit today and see what makes it the culmination of the Dallas Spirit. Click here to learn more about ArtPark Trinity Groves and Follow ArtPark on Instagram.


The Tin District is located three blocks from Dallas’ premiere dining and entertaining spot, Trinity Groves. The 70 acres of property offers an eclectic mix of art studio spaces and galleries that are revitalizing West Dallas. For more information about the artists and art studios around Trinity Groves, click here to learn more about the Tin District.

At Trinity Groves, we don’t only have great restaurants and retail shops, there is a very vibrant community of artists in our neighborhood that are splashing color, style and lots of photo-ops at a very fast pace! Come on out and take a look at these murals, take some pics and finish off the day with food and drinks at Trinity Groves! Make sure you come out soon since these murals change very often!


507 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX  75212Artist: @seks183




Artist: @trey.wilder


Artist: @mariellguzman


425 Singleton Blvd, Dallas TX, 75212

Artist: @jmrizzi


437 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX 75212

Artist: @w_heron


331 Singleton Blvd, Dallas TX, 75212

Artist: @faileart


Artist: @obeygiant




611 Fabrication St, Dallas, TX 75212


2720 Bataan St, Dallas, TX  75212



613 Singleton Blvd, Dallas TX 75212

If you know the artist, let us know here.


523 Singleton Blvd, Dallas, TX  75212

If you know the artist, let us know here.


3011 Gulden Lane, Dallas TX 75212

Artist: JuanLuis Gonzalez