How to Celebrate Easter Weekend at Trinity Groves

Whatever beliefs you subscribe to, Easter weekend means taking time to catch up with loved ones, dining together and heading outdoors to soak up North Texas’ beautiful spring weather. From Easter brunch on the patio to new twists on old traditions, you and your family have a lot to look forward to with an Easter weekend visit to Trinity Groves.

Candy eggs

Easter weekend chocolatesMake sure your Easter weekend egg hunt leads you to Kate Weiser Chocolate — but prepare yourself to encounter sweets almost too pretty to eat! These exhibit-worthy confections are decorated by hand and individually boxed. In addition to being a treat for the eye, Kate’s bonbons are sure to be the centerpiece of any grown-up Easter basket. Above all, don’t be chicken about breaking a few eggs. These exquisite dark chocolate shells cradle milk chocolate temptations, dried fruit, nuts and cookies.

Easter Brunch        

Reserve your table now for Sunday’s Easter Brunch at The Hall. From 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., April 1, Chef James will be serving a feast for the whole family at this saloon-style steakhouse. So put on your Sunday best, get the clan together, pull up a chair and get ready to be most impressed. No fooling!

Give Tradition a Twist

Souk offers an entirely Mediterranean interpretation of your favorite Easter lamb dish. Lamb Tagine features tender, boneless lamb braised with seasonal vegetables. If that weren’t mouth-watering enough, but it gets even better with the addition of sweet (dried apricots) and savory (saffron) flavors. Crown it all with almonds and sesame seeds atop a sweet tefaya couscous, and you may just have yourself a new holiday tradition.

Sophisticated Sweets

Once you’ve satisfied your nostalgia for Peeps and pastel M&Ms, put down the plastic eggs and do your sweet tooth a real favor. Cake Bar has strawberries in season. That means strawberries baked into delectably moist cake. That means fresh strawberry filling. And that means cream cheese frosting. You could get just a slice, but Cake’s strawberry cake also come in shareable sizes… sorry, what was that you were saying about jellybeans?

Stretch Your Legs

The Ronald Kirk Bridge is the pedestrian thoroughfare that carries folks parallel to the photogenic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and over the landmark Trinity River to Trinity Groves. Get active and take in the view, contemplate the history of the former Continental Avenue (which dates back to the 1930s) or simply breathe in the fresh air and appreciate that the kids have such a wonderful open space to explore after a long church service.

As you can see, spring in Dallas hasn’t fully sprung until you’ve done all there is to do and experienced all there is to experience in Trinity Groves. So what are you waiting for? Hop to it!