Make the Most of Father’s Day at Trinity Groves

Dad on Father's Day

There are foodie destinations — and then there’s Dallas. More to the point, there’s Trinity Groves, the foodiest neighborhood in one of the foodiest cities anywhere. A notable feat, to be sure.

Also a notable feat: achieving favorite child status. This Father’s Day, carpe diem on both dad’s appetites and affections by bringing him to Trinity Groves. The multiple culinary options you’ll introduce him to here are sure to cement your status as the apple of dad’s eye. Let’s see what’s on the menu!

The Hall Father’s Day Brunch

The Hall may be most known for its championship-caliber steaks, but brunch there is no slouch, either. From house-made cinnamon rolls to corned beef hash, The Hall’s rib-sticking fare is sure to have dad feeling like the MVP we all know he is. Prove to him that you’re no slacker — make your Father’s Day Brunch reservation ASAP.

Tart and Beer Pairing at LUCK

It’s a proven fact: dads like beer. It’s also irrefutable that LUCK is home to one the most impressive selections of local beers anywhere in Dallas. But what does any of this have to do with the art and science of French baking traditions? Only everything. This Father’s Day, LUCK is experimenting with lab partner Tart-a-licious in presenting custom pairings of beer and, well, tarts. Given the high level of craftsmanship involved, we can’t think of a better way to indulge dad’s sweet tooth. Seats are limited, so grab your tickets for the 11 a.m., 1 p.m. or 3 p.m. flight while you can.


Whether your dad is watching his animal protein intake, hopes to turn over a new dietary leaf or simply loves trying the latest culinary innovations, V-Eats has you covered. With a wide-ranging menu that offers plant-based comfort foods such as Southern Fried Chick-non and Vegan Chili Cheese Dogs, V-Eats will keep even the pickiest of eaters satisfied. In fact, we bet even the most carnivorous of dads won’t be able to tell the difference. Even if he can, once dessert arrives (we recommend the Banana Fosters Bread Pudding), he probably won’t care.

Babb Brothers

Remember how your dad taught you the ins and outs of grilling? How about all of those times you and dad bonded over a picnic table loaded with brisket, potato salad and coleslaw? If we’re talking dad, then we’re talking barbecue. And if we’re talking classic Texas barbecue, we’re also talking Babb Brothers. Are you in danger of dad writing you out of his will and writing in Mike, Bob and Davy Babb? You are. But taking dad to sample the incredible St. Louis Pork Ribs, Hickory Sausage, Fried Okra and rug-cutting music at this Hill Country-style smokehouse is totally worth the risk. Either way, it’s still a family affair.

Trinity Groves is the perfect place to celebrate your dad this Father’s Day. No matter what he’s in the mood for, he won’t leave here disappointed.