Get Lucky A Beer-Obsessed Hangout at Trinity Groves

photo by: Jonathan Zizzo

Drinking beer.

You’re familiar with the concept.

But eating beer…

Now you’re intrigued.

You’re also in luck. Because LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen), a new home base for Texas beers and beer-braised everything, is now open at Trinity Groves.

And when you go (oh, you’ll go all right), here’s what to expect.

You’ll be sitting on grain bags.
Because the booths are upholstered with ’em. Oh, and the pinewood walls were pulled from an 80-year-old barn. Point is: it’s real farm-y in here.

There’s a sh*tload of beer options.
Forty drafts. All from North Texas. Try something super local from Community or Four Corners, or something still pretty local from neighbors like Franconia or Revolver. And then try, try again.

You can also eat the beer.
These guys are incorporating beer into about half of their food menu. Which means you and a like-minded date can share a soft pretzel with beer-cheese fondue before tearing into a rack of beer-braised pork ribs.

You’ve got two more weeks of patio weather.
Or two months. Who knows. Either way, they’ve got a patio stocked with picnic tables.

You’re on your own for the wicker basket.

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