Kate Weiser Chocolate

                                     How It All Started

Kate Weiser ChocolateKate Weiser Chocolate is a modern chocolatier where the chocolates are more like works of art than simply just bite-sized desserts, both intriguing and amazing customers with the luxury confections to choose from. Nestled in the heart of Trinity Groves, the newest and most exciting shopping center in Downtown Dallas, Kate Weiser Chocolate is an absolute can’t-miss for chocolate lovers.

Kate Weiser developed her passion for desserts very early in life, building her talents alongside her overflowing stack of dessert-centric cookbooks. After attending the California Culinary Academy, she returned to her roots in Kansas and built a career working at a handful of incredible restaurants. This time in Kate’s career also included a stint at a four-star restaurant in Kansas City under James Bear and award-winner Colby Garrelts. As her skill expanded, so did her passion for the artistry and creativity, leading her to start her own chocolate company in the Dallas Fort Worth area that quickly became well known for its innovative style and design.

Chocolate hearts

Chocolate Lovers’ Heaven

Kate Weiser Chocolate is perhaps best known for her unique, Hand Painted Chocolate Collection, featuring modern art-esque chocolates, unlike anything you have ever seen. You can sample chocolates from this collection yourself at her Trinity Groves shop, choosing from pieces that look to have been created with an artist’s paintbrush rather than sugar and cocoa. The range of colors that can be found in the cases of chocolates at Kate Weiser Chocolate is absolutely unbelievable, with saturated hues splashed with textural details and even flecks of gold leaf. Kate Weiser also creates sculptural chocolate pieces and displays, like a recent Texas-themed display that includes towering cacti, a sweet take on desert sand, and a friendly armadillo that was as tasty as it was adorable.

Customers looking for unique gifts know that Kate Weiser Chocolate is the place to be, especially for sweet treats to give during the holiday seasons. The hollow, treat-filled chocolates have to be seen to be believed, with holiday icons such as pumpkins and Easter eggs opening up to reveal tiny candies and treats. You can also purchase gift boxes of the beautiful bite-sized chocolates, sure to make an incredible impression.

This Dallas chocolate shop is just one of the incredible shops you can enjoy at this innovative shopping center, designed to provide Dallas locals and visitors with an experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Spend your next day off at Trinity Groves, and discover all of the wonderful shopping, dining, and entertainment it has to offer.


“Can’t believe I have not tried this place sooner. The chocolates are absolutely too pretty to eat but you just can’t help eating them because they are so delicious. Every piece has a unique flavor. So far there has not been a piece from here I have not enjoyed.” – Ellen N.

“Kate Weiser Chocolate is an art form! Seriously, who can get chocolate to look that pretty and artistic? I loved visiting this shop. Upon walking in you are welcomed by their staff and feel welcome. There are tables to sit at and enjoy your purchases inside and some outside.”
– Lana Y.

“Omg…I absolutely loved this place. The staff was enthusiastic, extremely knowledgeable, and so outstandingly amazing. The chocolates all look amazing and taste just as delicious. You can tell that each piece is hand crafted and although the flavor combinations sound funky…they are so mouth watering yummy.” – Shanette B.


3011 Gulden Ln. #115
Dallas, TX 75212

Phone Number:
(469) 619-4929


Tuesday – Saturday 
11:00am – 5:00pm

Sundays & Mondays