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The James Beard Foundation announced today its list of Restaurant and Chef
Award semifinalists for the 26th annual James Beard Foundation Awards.

Paige McCoy Smith takes us to Resto Gastro Bistro to show us what it’s cooking up for your love or your gal-pals.

Whether you are new to Texas or if you have been here for a long time, you realize that Texans have big hearts. Those who have been successful in the past like to help out those who want to be, as shown at one of the most original restaurants in the country.

Longtime diners at Bob’s Steak & Chop House should be thrilled to know that original restaurant runner Robert “Bob” Sambol is back in charge at his new Trinity Groves concept. The Hall is a 100-seat saloon and steakhouse taking its name from the collegiate sports halls of fame, celebrating the best of college athletics. A sports bar with steak? Should do just fine.

While Bishop Arts has been the Metroplex’s hipster haven for years, it’s become too trendy and commercial for a lot of folks. Which is why all the cool kids are moving west of the Trinity River, across Dallas’ iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, to Trinity Groves.

You could call some Dallas diners flirty: They work the town, trying a new restaurant on a whim. They have a favorite place that nails their medium-rare steak and knows their martini order by heart, but they can’t stay. Not when there are other steaks to slice into.

Finding success out of the box

In West Dallas, developers are planning to turn a frog of a property into a prince of a real estate development. The “frog” is the Argos concrete plant at the base of the iconic Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. With so much development in the Trinity Groves area,  the plant at 240 Singleton Boulevard has become an eyesore.

Photo by Steven Visneau Usually grass-fed burgers tend to be drier, and it’s harder to achieve a medium-rare, reddish-pink center. So we never would have guessed the burger we scarfed down at LUCK was grass-fed. We ordered the 8-ounce patty gently seasoned with salt and pepper, cooked medium rare to rare, and the gorgeous burger—wrapped...
Sushi Bayashi [Photo: Kyla Davidson] 4 Sushi Bayashi Another new addition to Dallas’ sushi scene, this Trinity Groves sushi bar offers “neighborhood Japanese dining” in a casual and communal environment. Pull up a spot at one of the big, shared tables, and order up a selection of sashimi that is both fresh and moderately priced....