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A holiday treat from Dallas chocolatier Kate Weiser Chocolate has hit the big time. Carl the Snowman, a cute confection you add to heated milk to make hot chocolate, landed a spot in the 2018 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, and has made Oprah Winfrey’s annual list of “Favorite Things.”

Kate Weiser Chocolate Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman

It’s official: The holiday season has begun. I know this because Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2018 have just been released — and even better, the 2018 list of Oprah’s Favorite Things includes tons of foodie gifts, from actual edible items to essentially kitchen gear for the aspiring home chef. Holy holiday gifting inspiration, Batman!

It’s that time of year again—Oprah has gifted us all with her list of favorite things, and her 2018 collection of items is the biggest one ever. The list has everything from fashion to tech and beauty products, but we’ve rounded up the edible ones just for you. Here are 18 of the foods from her stacked recommendations.

It all started with a pair of red-checkered flannel pajamas. When Oprah found those and a pair of Ugg boots, she couldn’t keep them to herself… Oprah’s 2018 list came out Wednesday and features a delicious product from Dallas-based chocolatier Kate Weiser.

Get Carl the Snowman NOW! I bet that you won’t be able to find Carl the Snowman very soon- thanks to Oprah! Way to go KATE WEISER! Carl’s creator!

When Oprah, Queen of All That Is Good, speaks, it is but our civilian duty to listen. So, regardless of how you feel about the commercialized Christmas Creep or what have you, let us all rejoice and be glad for Oprah’s Favorite Things are available on Amazon, and some products are even affordable for those of us who don’t have media companies and magazines in our name.

World-renowned museums, city parks, the original luxury department store, and brisket (in all forms) are on the line-up.

Choice beer patio: LUCK – West Dallas’ Trinity Groves dining district offers scenic views of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge and downtown Dallas paired with a variety of cuisines from the numerous restaurants there. The go-to is LUCK, an eatery known for its smoked meats and great patio. Drinking here is one of the best ways to tap into the local brewing scene, as the bar only serves beer made within 75 miles.

So many shops, so little time. When in Dallas, do as the locals do: Break out your credit card and flex your AmEx muscles with a trip to some of the best shops in all the land. The list of can’t-miss stores in the shopping mecca range from an amazing chocolatier to a bespoke boots showroom and the original Neiman Marcus. (Just be sure to bring some extra luggage for all of those souvenirs.) Here are our picks for the top 12 shops in Dallas.