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The oppressive heat of summer is in full swing, which means that Dallasites will begrudgingly trade in their typical diet of burgers, barbecue, and Tex-Mex for something a little lighter. Not because we’re all trying to get healthy, but because it’s about to be too damn hot to eat anything too heavy.

Summer is here, and if there’s one thing nobody wants, it’s the same old, same old. Forget our usual (though thoroughly credible and fastidiously sourced) 10-hottest-new-restaurants-in-town. The occasion calls for a departure from tradition.

Unless you’re a vampire who only goes out at night, it’s been hard to escape the gradual increase of summer heat in Dallas. As such, certain things are of utmost importance during summertime: swimming pools, refreshing drinks, and frozen scoops of chilly, creamy ice cream.

(on pg. 82) – K’s House – You won’t find a buffet line or an all-you-can-eat menu at K’s House, the new upscale Korean restaurant
across from the Trinity Groves development.

Hungry for something new?

If you love to eat and drink, this week offers a great chance to explore the world of Dallas food and beverage. From a wine and cheese pairing class to the 2019 Taste of Dallas, here’s what to do on the local food scene this week.
Best Bites at Trinity Groves – A Food Competition

It’s a fairly laid-back week on the food events front. You’ve basically got the whole week to prepare for an epic food festival, a fancy whiskey dinner, and a gorgeous garden tour. Be sure to save room for a sip or two of that sweet Celina wine.
Thursday, June 6 – Best Bites at Trinity Groves

A Dallas restaurant pioneer is serving up wisdom as well as meals these days. FOX 4’s Dan Godwin spent time with Phil Romano — the man behind ideas like Macaroni Grill, Fuddruckers and so much more. He talked about his new book and a project that he’s overseeing that’s transforming a large part of West Dallas.

You won’t find love in a bottle of bubbly or a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day. You’ll find it with someone special. Set a dinner date, or order a heart-shaped pizza, or even go so far as to nab the Champagne and the flowers in advance. It doesn’t matter how you do it or where you live in North Texas, there’s a sweet Valentine’s Day spot near you.

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman by Kate Weiser Chocolate
About: Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman is the magical brainchild from Kate Weiser Chocolate based out of Dallas, TX who creates lasting Holiday memories wherever he goes. Why Carl? Carl stands for C.hocolate A.nd R.eal L.ove and that’s exactly what he will bring to your friends and family.
Oprah says: “If Frosty were stuffed with mini marshmallows, he’d be like Carl here. Just place this hunk of a chocolate man into a pot of milk, turn up the heat, and watch him melt into a few mugs’ worth of rich cocoa.”

Also in celebrity-related Dallas dining news, chocolatier Kate Weiser’s Carl the Snowman is officially one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. The media mogul selected Weiser’s adorable, white-flocked snowman that’s intended to dissolve into a pot of warm milk to make hot chocolate, for the December issue of O Magazine’s round-up of Winfrey’s favorite holiday gifts.