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A new hangout in Trinity Groves has officially opened, complete with local graffiti, food, and boozy beverages. The Trinity Groves ArtPark officially opened on Tuesday, July 20, at 3015 Gulden Lane. The park serves as a beer garden of sorts for the many restaurants that populate the West Dallas development, like Babb Brothers BBQ and Holy Crust pizzeria, according to Focus daily News. The park, which was formerly a parking lot, is now covered in artificial grass and dotted with trees and umbrellas, plus lawn chairs and televisions for watching local sports. Diners can order drinks from a shipping container that’s been converted into a bar, plus bar food like wings, burgers and Spaghetti-O fritters, or take out food from any of the park’s neighboring restaurants.

A new restaurant and beer garden, the Art Park at Trinity Groves, opens at 4 p.m. today. Trinity Groves owner Phil Romano fenced in a former valet parking lot to create a beer garden that features work from local artists.

It’s the newest eating and drinking spot near the base of the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in West Dallas.

The ArtPark at Trinity Groves is a freshly opened beer garden lined with graffitied walls and stocked with colorful chairs, picnic tables, and a shipping container bar. Stash a beer or frozen cocktail in one hand and keep the other busy with a burger, chicken sandwich, or hotdog—everything you want for game day viewing. The joint’s 30 screens will be tuned to the Olympics, and between events, you can hold a competition of your own—with bean bags. How to book: Stop by for first come, first served seating.

Everything about Art Park, the new outdoor “more-than-a-beer-garden” opening July 20 in Trinity Groves shouts “Fun, Fun, Fun!” No matter your age, it’s impossible not to have fun at Art Park. With its brightly colored, festive picnic tables and chairs, eye-catching murals, playful food offerings, and family-friendly games, everyone in the family can enjoy the playful atmosphere at Art Park.

Trinity Groves opens ArtPark

Brunchaholics – On any given weekend, if you’re taking a stroll in the Trinity Groves area, it’s likely you’ll spot a line outside of Soiree Coffee Bar. It’s safe to say chef Jessie Washington is the reason. The Brunchaholics owner — and mastermind of the Soul Food Burrito — offers a rotating brunch menu, and the shrimp and grits is a star player. The Cajun Smothered Shrimp and Grits ($24) features stone-ground grits with cheddar, gouda, and thyme with Andouille sausage on the side. Brunchaholics (Saturday and Sunday only), Soiree Coffee Bar, 320 Singleton Blvd., Suite 190, Dallas.

It’s the season of love, y’all, but having a great date in Dallas/Fort Worth doesn’t have to be centered on Valentine’s Day-related events whatsoever. The year-round accessibility of these date ideas make them flirty fun any day, any week, any month. So even if you’re stumbling upon this post well into April, you can find ways to celebrate life, love, and the pursuit of conscious coupling long after Cupid’s gone into hibernation. And most of these date ideas even work for platonic friends. Grab dinner with a view at Trinity Groves…

Since opening in 2013, Trinity Groves has provided Dallas diners with a diverse array of concepts offering everything from Tex-Mex and Chinese to New York-style Italian food. But one thing has been missing: a dedicated spot for outdoor drinking with your friends, family and pets! That changes soon, as Trinity Groves is preparing to unveil Art Park, the new concept that is taking over the old parking lot running along Singleton Boulevard.

Art Park, an exciting new addition to Trinity Groves, is a scenic outdoor beer garden that opens this June. Trinity Groves has been a popular destination dining location since its opening in 2013. They offer an array of different foods and beverages with restaurant concepts that range from Chinese to Tex-Mex and New York-style Italian food.