LUCK restaurant in West Dallas will serve beer-infused menu

WEST DALLAS — The craft beer scene has taken Dallas-Fort Worth by storm, so it was only a matter of time before connoisseurs started using the local brew in innovative ways.

This summer, a new restaurant called LUCK (Local Urban Craft Kitchen) is setting up shop in Trinity Groves and serving up inventive dishes that are not just inspired by artisan suds; they are infused.

Some of the beer-centric dishes include chicken wings marinated in buttermilk and IPA, and a brown ale shrimp and grits dish that may make the final menu cut. LUCK will use only local craft beer to flavor its dishes.

LUCK recently made its debut to folks in Dallas at the Savor Trinity Groves food event. Patrons tasted a cheesy gordita with habanero-pickled onions doused in a spicy borracha salsa, which was reduced with a Four Corners signature brew. Chefs and owners Jeff Dietzman, Daniel Pittman, and Ned Steel created buzz around the scene last fall with another unique concoction — a homemade vanilla bean ice cream flavored with Lakewood Brewing Company’s Temptress stout.

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