How To Get Romantic at Trinity Groves This Valentine’s Day

The heart wants what the heart wants. And if what it wants is to court a feeling of excitement and mystery, something beyond the commonplace, who are we to argue? Whether you find yourself in the mood for the spark of a new flame or the rekindling of a longstanding passion, it’s time to feed that romantic appetite at Trinity Groves.

Get something to share

Our newest restaurant concept has just arrived, and they’re already making a great first impression. In the months leading up to their big debut, Tapas Castile has been busy canning lemons and hanging oregano out to dry. Now, with all the proper preparation put perfectly in place, they’ve opened their doors and started serving up the paella! With so many shareable small plates, feel free to follow your fancy through their menu. Just save some room for the possibly-too-good-to-share Manchego Cheesecake, and let time slow down just a little as you savor its accents of quince fruit and cinnamon streusel.

Get divinely inspired

A long time ago, the Romans decided that strawberries made an apt symbol for Venus, their goddess of love. Meanwhile, the Greeks imagined their Venus — Aphrodite — eating beets (this in addition to her intimate relationship with pomegranates). But you don’t need to know much about history to honor both romantic deities at Souk Mediterranean Bistro & Bar. Their Lebanese Night menu introduces strawberry guava flavors to vodka and lemon, pairs pomegranates up with Baba Ghanoush and arranges a Beet Salad mixer in which arugula, dates, gorgonzola, dates, toasted sesame and honey orange blossom vinaigrette happily mingle.

Get LUCK-y

If you’re inclined to get fresh, know that the breweries represented on LUCK’s beer menu are all located within a 75-mile radius of the restaurant itself. This local urban craft kitchen’s focus on “fresh” and “local” is just as important when it comes to their food, but let’s linger a little longer on the liquid courage. Lakewood Brewing Company is pursuing a Seduction Series of Stouts, including the dessert-in-a-glass Temptress and the chile-infused Mole Temptress. Feeling more sour than sweet? Then let your eyes wander to Martin House Brewing Company and soak up the tartness of a Gose, complete with its coriander edge, when you bring The Salty Lady to your lips.

Get sentimental

Whether you’re there to catch the sunset or prefer to watch the Dallas skyline light up as the stars come out, head up to Rocco’s Rooftop Lounge and start your romantic and heavenly evening with drinks and appetizers. The patio area is even equipped with heaters should the temperature dip and you need to cozy up. When you’re ready to feed more than your soul, head downstairs and reminisce over a long dinner. Remember that moment in Lady and the Tramp? It’s as good a reason as any to order from the pasta menu, and Saint Rocco’s Seafood Linguini pulls out all the stops with a spicy tomato-fennel sauce tossed with lobster, shrimp, scallops and clams.

Get sweets for the sweet

Take your time finding your favorites among Cake Bar’s 14 signature flavors. However, if you’re feeling forward, cut to the chase and commit to the Wedding Cake, without so much as booking a band or tendering your RSVP. This white cake is decorated with buttercream frosting and, like the Old Fashion Chocolate also on offer, relies on a butter-based batter that bakes up deliciously denser than your average recipe. By the slice or the round (5″ or 8″), it’s up to you to have — and eat — your cake on the spot or take it home.

It’s time to break up with your day-to-day routine and start falling in love with the unique romantic offerings here at Trinity Groves.