Souk is now Souk Kebab House!

Souk Kebab House

If you haven’t been to Souk in a while, it may be time to pay a visit. The restaurant’s menu has been freshly revamped, and it’s got a new name to go along with its new offerings. Souk Kebab House is now Dallas’ go-to destination to eat — you guessed it — kebabs.

While these wood-fired grilled meats have always been available, Souk decided to dedicate most of their new menu to these dishes, and they even installed a custom-built wood-burning grill designed specifically for kebabs.

What are kebabs?

Kebab is a broad term that describes a wide array of grilled meat dishes originating in the Middle East. When we think of kebabs, we often imagine shish kebabs, which refers to sliced meat on a skewer, sometimes with alternating vegetables or fruits between the protein.

Doner kebab is another prevalent style that refers to meat stacked in a conical shape that slowly rotates on a spit. The meat from doner kebab is often wrapped in bread and served with various toppings and sauces. The final products are often referred to as shawarma or gyro, depending on small differences.

At Souk Kebab House, all styles of kebab are offered with an assortment of meats including beef, chicken, lamb and fish. Lots of vegetarian options are available as well.

New menu specialties

In addition to kebabs, Souk Kebab House offers other dishes that take full advantage of their impressive custom grill, which can reach a high temperature of 1,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They also have a brand-new rotisserie for whole chickens and roasted lamb, used in a dish known as lamb mashwi.

The new grill isn’t just for meat-centric dishes, either. One of Souk’s new dessert items, kinafa, takes full advantage of the high temperatures. This traditional pastry is comprised of phyllo that is stuffed with sweet cheese.

Non-kebab options will also be available to customers. Lebanese and Middle Eastern small-plate specialties round out Souk Kebab House’s menu.

With its custom wood-fired grill and exciting new menu items, Souk Kebab House is Dallas’ hottest spot to visit when you’re in the mood for kebabs or any other Middle Eastern fare.