Souk Kebab House

Restaurant Overview

soukSouk Kebab House is your spot for the best Mediterranean food Dallas has to offer, located on the west side of the heart of Trinity Groves. Among the wonderful collection of Trinity Groves restaurants, Souk Kebab House stands out for its incredible flavors, top-notch service, and worldly ambiance. It provides patrons with the unique experience of traveling to an incredible bistro in the gorgeous Mediterranean, without ever leaving Dallas.

Souk Kebab House is owned by Yaser Khalaf, a talented restaurateur and chef who is responsible for many Dallas dining favorites. His very first restaurant was opened while he was a college student, and his passion has fueled exciting growth from that point forward. His founding goal for Souk was to create a place where Dallas residents could enjoy the world-renowned flavors of Moroccan street food, with its array of influences from the cultures of the Mediterranean, Western Europe, and Middle East. Dallas locals and visitors alike have spoken: Souk is one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

Med Food
Burger with egg
fried rice and egg

Popular Dishes

Each dish on the menu at Souk is absolutely crave-worthy, especially for those that appreciate the rich, multi-dimensional flavors of Mediterranean food. You can start your meal off with a selection of hummus, choosing from a traditional version, beet hummus, or even a lamb hummus, topped with delicious spiced ground lamb. Choosing an entrée is no easy task, because each one sounds more delicious than the last: Mediterranean Salmon, Harissa Roasted Chicken, Lamb Tagine, and Za’atar Oven Roasted Lamb Rack are among the most loved. And of course, no dining experience would be truly complete without dessert. End your Souk visit on a sweet note with their incredible Orange Cardamom Crème Brulee or enjoy your pick from their assorted baklava platter.


“One of my favorite and charming places I go to in Trinity Groves is this great spot called Souk. Mediterranean cuisine, which takes its cues from Moroccan delicacies. Let me start by saying I love the interior decoration of the restaurant, well designed for the Moroccan motif they were going for which is absolutely beautiful and it helps me briefly escape Dallas. It’s a great place to relax and socialize and enjoy great food.” – Roy E.

“I had the pleasure of celebrating my 26th birthday and the decor, food, and staff made it a night to remember! From the moment we walked in it felt like we were taken outside of Dallas and completely wrapped in the Mediterranean culture.” – Naomi S.

“Loved the hookah. Ambiance is amazing. We sat on the patio. This place is perfect for a date.” – Shruti K.


3011 Gulden Ln. #114
Dallas, TX 75212

Phone Number:
(469) 458-2233