Cool Down With These 4 Summer Cocktails at Trinity Groves


Summer Cocktails

Summer is in full swing, and it seems like we’re constantly alternating between getting outside to enjoy the long, sunlight-filled days and taking refuge indoors to beat the punishing heat. All of us at Trinity Groves are huge proponents of patio and porch time, so we understand this Texas summer struggle more than anyone.

Luckily, we have the perfect solution for this warm-weather balancing act: summer cocktails. A refreshing, boozy beverage will help keep you feeling cool and refreshed while you take advantage of summer’s lengthy daylight hours. With our wide-ranging assortment of restaurants and bars, Trinity Groves has the best summer cocktails around. Check out our top choices to quench your thirst.

The Deal Breaker at Network Bar 

Tequila is one of the summeriest spirits out there, and it’s at the heart of Network Bar’s Deal Breaker cocktail, which also features agave, passion fruit, jalapeno and a lime wedge. Even if you’re not a fan of spice, the jalapeno in this drink perfectly balances the sweetness provided by the agave and passion fruit. When squeezed into the cocktail, the lime wedge adds a tart element that pairs nicely with tequila’s smoky notes. This is one expertly crafted drink.

 Liquid Nitrogen Piña Colada at Beto and Son

When you think of lounging poolside (or beachside, if you’re lucky) in the summer with a cocktail in hand, there’s a good chance you imagine sipping a piña colada. While this drink is a already a warm-weather staple, Beto and Son kicks it up a notch with the use of liquid nitrogen. In addition to this unique touch, Beto and Son only uses the highest quality ingredients, so you know you’ll be savoring every sip of this drink as you gaze upon the Dallas skyline.

Ginger Snap at V-Eats

You’ve never had a drink quite like the Ginger Snap. Gin cocktails are having a resurgence, and V-Eats has one of the best ones around. The Ginger Snap expertly pairs gin with peach schnapps and orange liqueur, both of which add a boozy kick, while the sweetness of each balances the juniper-forward notes of the base spirit. As if that weren’t enough, the team at V-Eats adds ginger brew, which provides a spice-filled richness. This is one multi-faceted cocktail that will absolutely help keep you cool as you soak up the sun this summer.

 Beermosa at LUCK 

LUCKS’ Beermosa is a fabulous twist on the ultimate brunch cocktail. If you didn’t guess from the name, we’re talking about the mimosa. This updated version adds Revolver Brewing’s Blood and Honey beer to the standard orange juice and champagne combination, and the results are outstanding. This is the ideal drink to sip when you’re indulging your summer brunch needs. 

No matter your tastes, Trinity Groves has the right cocktail to help you kick back and stay cool this summer. Come on down to try one (or more!) this weekend.