Take a Culinary Tour of the World with Trinity Groves

Trinity Groves World

Ah, summer — the time of year when your assorted friends and neighbors ask you to housesit while they travel and see the sights of the world. If you’re stuck at home without vacation plans this summer, you might be feeling the slightest (or perhaps not so slight) pangs of jealousy toward your globetrotting friends — and who could blame you?

But don’t let travel envy bring you down this summer. Ditch the FOMO by taking a whirlwind tour of Trinity Groves’ array of international restaurants. You’ll feel like you’re seeing the world without ever leaving Dallas.


Sushi Bayashi’s authentic cuisine will transport you to Tokyo’s Taitō Ward, home of chef Yuki Hirabayashi. His vision for Sushi Bayashi was to bring the feel of his hometown to Dallas diners — a feat he accomplishes beautifully by incorporating the freshest fish into his traditional Japanese menu. From sushi to rolls and noodle dishes, Sushi Bayashi provides some of the tastiest and most authentic Japanese cuisine Texas has to offer, which makes it the perfect destination for your “trip” around the world.


For a taste of Spain, look no further than Tapas Castile. This tapas restaurant offers a modern spin on the traditional small plates for which the Castilian Region is known. The extensive menu provides a wide range of dishes that will appeal to all palates and preferences. From fried eggplant to chicken tiras to dry-aged pork chop, Tapas Castile gives Dallas diners an authentic Spanish culinary experience.

The Mediterranean and Middle East 

Souk Kebab House specializes in kebabs and small dishes primarily from the Northwest coast of Africa and the Middle East. Their new custom grill allows them to cook up the authentic, meat-centric cuisine for which this part of the world is known. They also have a brand-new rotisserie for whole chickens and roasted lamb, a dish known as lamb mashwi. Non-kebab options are also available for those who prefer Lebanese-style small plates.


There’s no doubt that Dallas diners have a plethora of Mexican restaurants to choose from, but no one’s doing it quite like Beto and Son. Beto Rodarte hails from Durango, Mexico, and his inspiration is rooted in the Northwestern Mexican culinary tradition. At the same time, however, he constantly strives to innovate and create new things, as he’s done throughout his career. Beto’s son, Julian, also brings a new twist to the traditional culinary styles he was raised on. Together, father and son have created a Mexican menu that is truly inspired. From pozole to fajitas to noodle bowls, Beto and Son will take you on a culinary trip that you’ve surely never experienced before.

Let Trinity Groves take you on an international culinary tour this summer — we guarantee that any jealousy you may be feeling towards your jetsetting friends will subside.