V Eats Modern Vegan

Restaurant Overview

V EatsV-Eats Modern Vegan may be known as one of the top vegan restaurants in Dallas, but its long list of loyal patrons certainly doesn’t exclude regular meat-eaters, either. In the traditionally meat-and-potatoes state of Texas, Dallas vegan restaurants that are looking to stand out really have to bring their best, and V-Eats Modern Vegan does just that. Positioned at the east end of Trinity Groves in Dallas, it is one of the most popular Trinity Groves restaurants, putting a plant-based spin on traditional American fare.

Executive chef Troy Gardner brings a lifelong passion for food to the restaurant, with his kitchen experience dating back to his childhood, during which he loved to bake homemade quiche for his third-grade teachers. After his culinary education, he gained a global perspective on flavors and techniques as he traveled through Eastern Europe.

Twenty years in catering and restaurants have come to an exciting peak with the opening of V-Eats Modern Vegan. Gardner is joined in the kitchen by sous chef Evita Tezeno, a healthy living educator and raw, vegan chef. Her passion for plant-based living has made her a leader in the healthy living community. Together, their combined talents and vision have established V-Eats Modern Vegan as one of the best restaurants in Dallas.

Veggie food
Vegan plate

Popular Dishes

The menu reads like a classic Southern American restaurant, but with a modern, vegan take on the traditional dishes. Start your meal off right with one of their incredible appetizers, like their Ultimate Frito Texas Pie, Brisket Tacos, Fried Pickles, or the indulgent Five Layer Dip. Perfect for sharing with the table, the starters at V-Eats Modern Vegan are sure to impress. If you’d like your entrée to be on the lighter side, there are a selection of fresh salads including the Mexican-inspired Baja Taco Salad.

For diners that are looking to enjoy a plant-based version of their favorite American classics, the Buffalo Mac n’ Cheese, Southern Fried Chick-Non, and the Chicken Fried Steak are not to be missed. True to its Texan roots, V-Eats also proudly serves up a vegan Bar-V-Q Brisket Sandwich topped with pickles and citrus pickled onions. Finish off with the Banana Foster Bread Pudding, a decadent, plant-based dessert that you can enjoy guilt-free.

How to Make a Reservation

You can enjoy both brunch and dinner at V-Eats Modern Vegan, and they serve a wide range of beverages as well. Please call to make reservations.


“Being a spoiled vegan from San Francisco I have exposure to so many vegan options as well as vegan only restaurants in the area. My standards are high. Didn’t expect much from a vegan restaurant while visiting Dallas, but glad I was wrong! This place is not only good but one of the best vegan places I’ve been too. Considering almost everything is made in-house the prices were reasonable. Staff was super friendly and food was fantastic. Now I feel left out they aren’t located in the Bay Area!” – Mike P.

“Being vegan in this part of the country makes it sometimes difficult to go out for a meal. Trust me, paying ten bucks for a bowl of greens gets old. But I wanted to take my wife out to a nice dinner on her birthday so we drove the three hours from OKC to visit V Eats. They didn’t disappoint! The food and atmosphere were just amazing. We’ll go see them again for my birthday in June.” – Harland S.

“This place is awesome! A former non-vegan, now vegan dream. Has so many southern comfort typical Texas dishes with a vegan twist and of course with no animal products. The reason I give it 5 stars is because for vegan, healthy ingredients only, non GMO, the food is fantastic.” – Jona G.


3011 Gulden Ln. #102
Dallas, TX 75212

Phone Number:
(214) 377-6009



Monday – Thursday – 5:00PM – 9:00PM

Friday & Saturday –   11:00AM – 9:30PM

Sunday –                       10:00AM – 3:00PM, 5:00PM – 9:00PM